Episode Number: 20
Season: 1
Production Number: 120
Airdate: June 24, 2007
Previous Episode: Sunny Daze
Next Episode: Gloomates


Ruby tries to help Iris break a world record, but every record Iris tries is already broken by Ruby. This starts to make Iris jealous and she decides that she doesn't need Ruby's help and goes off to try to break a record on her own. The others fear that this might end their friendship, so they try their best to get Ruby and Iris back together.

Opening SketchEdit

Poe and Iris give tips about being safe.

Closing SketchEdit

Skull Boy and the others use different objects to create music.


  • Gloomsville has portable music players and audiobooks. The portable music player is literally a very small grammophone, while the audiobook is an egg-like creature who narrates from the inside of a book-shaped box.
  • This episode shows why Misery gets hit by so many lightning bolts, she has lead in her blood.
  • Ruby breaks the record for making the coolest batch of ice tea, for holding her breath the longest, and for having the most contagious laugh.


Skull Boy’s PersonaEdit

Military General

This Episode Revolves AroundEdit

Ruby Gloom and Iris