Dear Ruby is a song played in the episode "Hair(Less): the Musical, Part 2".

Lyrics Edit

Ruby: Dear Ruby,

Skull Boy: I really miss all your faces.

Ruby: But I'm seeing all these really great places.

Skull Boy: I wish you could see

All that I see.

Ruby: Which is different than Gloomsville, I must agree.

Skull Boy: (spoken) Ow!

(singing) Oops, I wasn't supposed to write that.

Ruby: Wonder what he's getting at?

What's great is this place is new and bizarre.

Skull Boy: (spoken) Hey, does anyone know where the Skeletunes are?

Ruby: Oops, did I write that down, too?

Skull Boy: I'm so excited

To be writing to you.

Well, Ruby, I must really go.

Ruby: As you know, we're doing a show.

Skull Boy: I wish you guys were here in this new land.

Ruby: I'd better go

And find my band.

Skull Boy: Yours truly, Skull Boy.