Episode Number: 36
Season: 2
Production Number: 216
Airdate: May 11, 2008
Previous Episode: Forget Me Not
Next Episode: I'll Be Home For Misery


A rock-u-mentary about the band R.I.P, directed by Misery. Frank and Len are going on tour through Gloomsville, but the day before their gig they get into a huge fight and declare they're going solo. Pretty difficult when you share a body, they soon learn.

Opening SketchEdit

Poe does a poem about him buying a bath towel.

Closing SketchEdit

Iris tries to have some alone time.


  • In a brief flashback sequence, we learn that Frank and Len shared the same body even back when they were babies.



Skull Boy’s PersonaEdit

Band Manager

This Episode Revolves AroundEdit

Frank and Len