Episode Number: 21
Season: 1
Production Number: 201
Airdate: July 1, 2007
Previous Episode: Broken Records
Next Episode: Tooth or Dare


While his room is being repaired, Skull Boy moves in with Poe. But things don't turn out so well. Skull Boy leaves his clothes everywhere, which makes Poe very angry and frustrated, while Skull Boy thinks that Poe doesn't listen to him. It's now up to Ruby to stop the two from arguing before it destroys their friendship.

Opening SketchEdit

Frank and Len try to play golf.

Closing SketchEdit

Misery does a nature documentary about Doom Kitty.


  • Scaredy Bat is absent in this episode.
  • When we see Skull Boy's clothes scattered all over the floor, one of Ruby's socks is there with them.


  • The personalites of Poe and Skull Boy in this episode are similar to the ones in the movie, "The Odd Couple", where one is messy and doesn't do anything (Skull Boy) and one is clean and does all the work (Poe).
  • The book that Skull Boy reads, "The Layabout's Guide to the Universe" is a spoof to the famous book, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

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This Episode Revolves AroundEdit

Skull Boy and Poe