Episode Number: 02
Season: 1
Production Number: 102
Airdate: October 15, 2006
Previous Episode: Gloomer Rumor
Next Episode: Doom with a View


Ruby and her friends are shocked when they find out that Scaredy Bat has never flown before, because he's terrified of heights. Now they try everthing they can to help Scardey over come his fear by teaching him how to fly.

Opening SketchEdit

Ruby creates Mr. Buns.

Closing SketchEdit

Iris tells the story about how she met Squig.


  • First appearance of Scaredy Bat and Mr. Buns.
  • Although this episode aired first, "Gloomer Rumor" is actually the first episode while "Grounded in Gloomsville" is the second one in production order.


Skull Boy’s PersonaEdit


This Episode Revolves AroundEdit

Scaredy Bat