Episode Number: 37
Season: 2
Production Number: 217
Airdate: May 4, 2008
Previous Episode: Frank & Len Unplugged
Next Episode: Disaster Becomes You


Misery is hosting her family reunion, which only happens once every millenia. At first, no one comes. Then her relatives, such as Mayhem, Migraine, and Morose show up, and begin clashing. It's up to everyone in the house to keep the family happy and healthy.

Opening SketchEdit

Iris treats her friends like marionettes, or string puppets.

Closing SketchEdit

Scaredy Bat talks about his family tree.


  • Running Gag: Mayhem chasing after Scaredy Bat saying, "Here birdy, birdy".
  • Misery's relatives - Names and descriptions:
    • Mayhem - Cavewoman; previously seen in the episode "Time Flies".
    • Mildew - Geisha
    • Migraine - Snobbish lady who lives on a cruise ship; previously seen in the episode "Time Flies".
    • Morose - Goth archetype
    • Myopic, Malice, Misbegotten - Tiny, cheerful triplets.
    • Motley - Burn victim who lost most of her hair in the fire.
    • Mopey - The optimistic one. Looks like Misery with a wig resembling Ruby's hair (as seen in the episode "Ruby Cubed"). She only appears in one scene.
    • Malady - Disease prone; previously seen in the episode "Misery Loves Company".
    • Malaise - Narcoleptic; previously seen in the episode "Misery Loves Company".
    • Murky - Skull Boy pretending to be Misery's cousin, probably because he misses having a family of his own.
  • Since this eventually turns out to be a dream sequence, there's a possibility that some of these relatives may be long dead, or existing only in Misery's imagination.


  • The line, "I'm queen of the world!," comes from the famous movie, Titanic.

Skull Boy’s PersonaEdit

Misery's Cousin Murky

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