Iris RG
Gender: Female
Species: Cyclops
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purple
Allies Ruby GloomDoom KittyMiserySkull Boy, Frank and LenPoeScaredy BatBoo BooMr. Buns,
Enemies: Daemon
Debut: Gloomer Rumor
Voice Actor: Stacey DePass

Iris is the tritagonist in the series, she is cyclops girl. Like Ruby, Iris goes through life without a care in the world, but in a much different way. Where Ruby finds happiness in anything, Iris finds adventure. From safaris to fighting wild animals to even shooting herself out of a cannon, there isn't a single thing this cyclops girl won't try at least once, as long as she thinks it's fun. Unfortunately, Iris's adventuresome nature also makes her quite impulsive and she has a bad habit of jumping into a situation without considering potential consequences. This usually results in trouble she doesn't expect. However, Iris never seems to learn from this and as soon as the trouble is gone, she's off again on another adventure. Normally when she gets excited or go through wild adventures, she exclaims, "WAHOO!!" Every time Iris gets hurt, she says, "I'm good."


  • In the origina series, her voice actor, Stacey DePass, also voices Nikki from 6teen.