Ruby: Look on the bright side

Skull boy: Bright side? More like a just-barely-enough-light-side...

Ruby: Okay, then! Look on the just-barely-enough-light-side, that's the right side to see!

Skull boy: Really?

Ruby: Yep! You just gotta remember you can open lots of doors- even closed ones, don't ignore! When you're tripping in the glade, time to make some lemonade! You just gotta embrace each day!

Skull boy: Hey!

Ruby: That's right! Then shout out a big HEY! Skull boy, what else can I say? Things shouldn't feel like work when they're play! To the fullest, live your life every day! Oops! I think I've just run out of cliches! So in conclusion, in case there is confusion, to this little ditty, I've tried!!! To show that life's a fun ride when you look on the bright (both) or the barely-enough-light-siiiiiide!