Species: Banshee
Occupation: Singer, filmmaker, dancer
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Hair: Black/blue
Eyes: White
Likes: Tea, dolls, family heirlooms, sweets, dust bunnies
Voiced by: Emily Hampshire (speaking)
Jeen O'Brien (singing)
"Don't worry, ceilings always cause problems for me, too. That, and walls."
— Misery

Misery M. Misery is a young banshee girl with very long black-and-blue hair that she drags around the ground or floor. She is a walking disaster, owing to familial bad luck and clumsiness.

Despite these problems though, Misery has actually been revealed to be an incredibly gifted singer. However, this talent only shines through whenever she's asleep. Otherwise, her singing just comes out as banshee-like shrieks. This made Frank and Len recruit her as lead singer for their band, R.I.P., during a major concert event, Gloomapalooza. Their performance was a huge success. It is also discovered in "Quadro-Gloomia" that Misery's endless trails of tears could be caused by the never-ending rain in her mind. The music video of the hit song, "Train Wreck", was heard again in the opening sketch of the episode, "Skull in the Family".

Her family is surprisingly large, considering how often they find themselves in or responsible for disasters, and when the entire family meets, the destruction can be impressive. Also, in the episode "I'll Be Home For Misery", when Misery's family comes to call, only her female relatives come (with the exception of "Cousin Murky", Skull Boy's persona during the episode).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At nine years old, Misery is the youngest of the main cast.
  • She likes to think of tomorrow as the 3rd day of her life, leaving the first and second open for damage and repair.
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