Ruby Gloom Characters
Mob Bosses
Gender: Male (both)
Species: Ghost (both)
Hair Color: N/A (Mr. White #1)
Blonde (Mr. White #2)
Eye Color: N/A
Debut: Doom with a View
Voice Actor: Harvey Atkin and Ron Rubin

Mr. White and Mr. White are two adult ghosts with the same names. These two large ghosts are the mentors and teachers of young Boo Boo in his learning to be a ghost. Distinguished by their glasses and high rank within "The Family", they typically act in a mafia orientated manner (even having their own pasta making skit and Italian music playing in the background), often threatening to take Boo Boo away if he does not complete enough scares or if he is pulling pranks, such as the line "Less Taunt. More Haunt". The second Mr. White has blonde hair and the first Mr. White doesn't. Noticeably, the Mr. White with the hat is a higher rank than the other Mr. White, who is usually driving their mode of transport. It is unconfirmed whether or not both Mr. White ghosts are related.


Neither of the Mr. White ghosts are to be confused with Mr. White from Johnny Test.

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