Ruby Gloom (character)
Ruby 15
Species: Human (possibly)

Living Rag doll (possibly)

Occupation: Filmmaker, singer, band manager
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Likes: Making friends, baking, knitting, clean socks, Skull Boy
Voiced by: Sarah Gadon

Ruby Gloom is the main title character of the cartoon show and product line of the same name. She lives in a Victorian mansion with her friends in Gloomsville. She has red hair, wears a short-sleeve black dress and has yellow/red-striped stockings and short black Mary Jane shoes with a skull decoration on them. She is known for her optimistic attitude and functions as the voice of reason. She has a kiddie crush on Skull Boy and has a pet cat named Doom Kitty.

Ruby enjoys knitting, baking, fresh laundry, and writing in her diary. In the episode "Gloomer Rumor", Iris reads the diary and thinks Ruby is moving away, Frank and Len only hear a portion of the conversation and believe that she is dying.



  • Ruby's voice actress, Sarah Gadon, also voices Beth from Total Drama.
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