Episode Number: 06
Season: 1
Production Number: 106
Airdate: November 19, 2006
Previous Episode: Iris Springs Eternal
Next Episode: Poe-Ranoia


The big Gloomsville science fair is coming up and Skull Boy can't think of a project. So he creates a robot dad to help him make one. But then, Skull Boy finds out that his "Dad" is trying to eliminate the competition by destroying the other projects.

Opening SketchEdit

Scaredy Bat's book review.

Closing SketchEdit

Misery talks about how you can avoid bad luck.


  • The gang's projects:
    • Ruby creates a machine that makes Doomcakes (Pancakes that are in the shape of Doom Kitty's head).
    • Iris does a project on Venus Flytraps.
    • Frank and Len play different instruments and write down their frequencies.
    • Misery collects different types of weather.
    • Boo Boo tries to figure out what Scaredy Bat is really afraid of.


Skull Boy’s PersonaEdit


This Episode Revolves AroundEdit

Skull Boy