The Skele-Tunes
Gender: Male (all four)
Species: Human Skeleton (all four)
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color:
Debut: Skull Boys Don't Cry
Voice Actor:

The Skele-Tunes is a group of jazz musicians that befriend Skull Boy (referring to him as "SB"). The band contains four skeletons. The vocalist is the jazzy Skele-T, instantly recognised by his outfit, ear hole rings and gold tooth. The other skeletons each have a different instrument, one with an accordion, one with a tuba and one using his rib cage as a xylophone. They are shown to be "Jokers", disappearing and joking around with Skull Boy. Skele-T does most of the talking, using jazz slang and phrases, such as "You're straight from the fridge daddio" and throwing in skeleton puns like "You fracture me" instead of "You crack me up". When Skull Boy leaves to try and find his roots, Skele-T even invites him to join their band, but he refuses due to a case of homesickness. Most of the time, when Skele-T talks, the others don't understand what he's saying.