"Train Wreck" is a song played in the episode "Unsung Hero". It was written by Frank and Len as a lullaby for Misery in order to get her to sing.


Is your ship sinking?
Did you know that's Arsenic you're drinking?
Are you buried in ice caps?
Did that bridge you're on collapse?
Did that place you're in explode?
Oh that's why we're singing this ode.

And oh, what the heck.
Throw in a train wreck.
Oh, oh, what the heck.
Throw in a train wreck.


  • This song is used four times in the series:
    • First (by Frank and Len) and a second time (by Misery) in Unsung Hero.
      • However, the instrumentals are different.
    • And a third from the opening sketch of Skull in the Family.
      • In latter of the episodes, a special message is placed under the performer, thanking her.
    • Misery also sings a few lines of it in Misery Loves Company.
      • However, the second line is slightly different; Misery sings "Is it Arsenic you're drinking?" instead of "Did you know that's Arsenic you're drinking?".
  • This is one of three songs in the series that is dedicated to Misery.
  • The instrumental has been played by Frank and Len in two episodes; Broken Records and Pet Poepulation.