Episode Number: 08
Season: 1
Production Number: 108
Airdate: December 3, 2006
Previous Episode: Poe-Ranoia
Next Episode: Quadro-Gloomia


Frank and Len are trying to find a singer for the band they're making up for the up-coming "Gloomapalooza" concert, without any success. But then, they find out that Misery has a great singing voice. Problem is, she can only sing good when she's asleep. Meanwhile, Skull Boy interviews Poe, who claimed to be at the very first "Gloomapalooza".

Opening SketchEdit

Ruby reads some fan mail.

Closing SketchEdit

We see how Iris, Misery and Poe count sheep.


  • Misery loves ice cream.
  • This episode shows the first time that Misery becomes hyperactive when she consumes sugar.


  • RIP: The name of Frank and Len's musical group means Rest In Peace, commonly written on tombstones.

Skull Boy’s PersonaEdit

Documentary Filmmaker

This Episode Revolves AroundEdit